Hey! You must be either one of my friends, an aspiring UWC student, a teacher from my school in The Netherlands (because that is where I am from) or you are my mom or dad, welcome to this Blog! and even if you can not qualify as on of the categories mentioned above, welcome to this blog!

It will be about my adventures at Pearson College UWC but just so you know, some of my blogs will be either very long or very cringy. I hope you still want to read this though!

If you have any questions about UWC, please feel free to ask them via instagram: @canoahda or @noah_zuijderwijk

If you want to see videos about Pearson college and all the things I do here, take a look at my YouTube channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCJ_W8K2WW0hvIL6PseJ3Ihw